Harmony Perhaps?

It's been some time since I've dealt with a relationship. I hate the word "need." As for these so-called "needs," I don't have any. I have aspirations and visions. When the visions and aspirations come together, there's a sense that love will follow, a sense that bodies are earth-connected and not sky-blind. I've gone for a poet and a "thinker." I've heard a lot of bad poetry and high-minded thoughts. Finally, a musician. Harmony perhaps? Some sense of a true song? Kali's a hard girl to please. Welcome to the forest.

On Health Insurance WE ARE NOT THE LEFT

As Paul Krugman points out, with the majority of Americans supporting a public option for health insurance, it's clear that those who support it are NOT THE LEFT BUT THE CENTER of public opinion.
How can Obama cave in to pressure from the right wing of the party? We don't need any bipartisan result after an election that we won. We don't need any compromise or bipartisan plan with support of the majority of Americans.

WE ARE NOT THE LEFT. Don't let any of these clowns portray us as such.

Obama Will Consider "Compromise" --No Thanks

Now we hear that the president will consider a compromise on healthcare and health insurance.Well, NO THANKS. THAT IS NOT WHAT I VOTED FOR. Mr. President, you and your family don't need to "compromise" on your health insurance. How about the rest of us? What a joke --but it's on the people who supported you, fought for you and gave you hard earned dollars.