styx song singing

styx song singing
kyrie kyrie
waves slap wood

styx song singing
agnus dei
lambs and lullabies

on your slick bank
slipped i first was
scrapped by moist stone

slid i did
sing credo credo
hid i did
sing find me find me
sexed i shed all skin to bone

white skull singing
swimming not
floating yes
what does orfeo sing?

kyrie kyrie
doesn't matter what you say
doesn't matter if you paddle
only you hear the waves

kill the snake again orfeo
this is my agnus dei

inside me you moving, slashing
flesh to bone
sex to stone,

credo in now
credo out
in unum unum
dei dei

styx song singing
hush now listen
agnus little lambs

The Judgement of Paris

eyes and loins will pleasure seek
but be judged back for every move
at tit or tat
or sex style lacking

the length of thy rope is wanting,
a girth so small breeds taunting

judge as you will, Paris but
mirror thy flesh in ego's mesh
and scrape your squalid bones