Goddess and Snakes

wet tomb singing
live tree snaking

arch of archetypes
pillar of dreams
the vaulted domes of god

sing me now sing
bring me now bring
the killing kyrie

bring what was brought
which was caught which was caught:
the hunter's kill now
eat we eat we eat we

tangled sycamore 
scrub stone river stone
mouth so hidden so hidden so hidden

sleep soft slime awake:

now run with ofeo
who (agnus dei) 
is ever you snaking
ever you ever you

agnus dei the snake slips away
returns to the mystery
of your grand kyrie

nude in the forest

nude in the forest
thighs wrapped
'round bark,
sapped inside finally
by more than your bed,
not your hands but mine
traced the long limbs.

my smell is deep smell
i thought
as i circled the nubby wood

i thought of you and your forest
you as lover
you as spirit
you as all men

You mark a single tree,
i mark them all

your smell so angry
bark bristles

my smell so hungry
it needs more than marking

hearing sap sounds
the tree pushed back,
other trees called into swaying

no wind moved the leaves - 
I did

my sap in their limbs now
up through their veins,
my smell on the leaves 

the leaves drank
pained with rhythm
they fluttered

dancing leaves on singing limbs,
the forest moved
as crusted bark,
scraped clean,
finally dropped to earth

stars now stars

stars now stars

ripples of the great he-she

death's illusion and sex
not stinging

stars now stars
are only singing

Necklace Song: to a former lover

Necklace Song  to a former lover

you sing about deepness and air
porous wood living without man's shame

crannied in a woman's body
you claim the forest as your own

but find new frets
new  tones
if I'm to hear your
forest strumming

i become the necklace song

the knife is loosed
heads hang like shells

now sing Credo
to wearing of skulls
the ego beads of your selective mind

You have no voice and
no new song?

I lower you then
through snakeland
as you once let Eurydice fall

look not up but down to water

orfeo of ego
you mad sex of men

meet the Dark One
and the wet
clean blood

Meditation at Cougar Hots Springs

I've been meditating and getting clean these days at Cougar Hot Springs . If you go early in the morning, you are likely to be one of a few, possible alone.  If nudity bothers you,  you can find a separate pool. People do wear bathing suits, but you give up the full communion of body with earth.  It's about an hour's drive from Eugene. As much as I like the earliest hour alone or with a few others, hot springs are sacred places on the earth. The more people who enter this sacred realm and experience what the earth offers, the better our chances to save such places and the sacred forests that surround them.