nude in the forest

nude in the forest
thighs wrapped
'round bark,
sapped inside finally
by more than your bed,
not your hands but mine
traced the long limbs.

my smell is deep smell
i thought
as i circled the nubby wood

i thought of you and your forest
you as lover
you as spirit
you as all men

You mark a single tree,
i mark them all

your smell so angry
bark bristles

my smell so hungry
it needs more than marking

hearing sap sounds
the tree pushed back,
other trees called into swaying

no wind moved the leaves - 
I did

my sap in their limbs now
up through their veins,
my smell on the leaves 

the leaves drank
pained with rhythm
they fluttered

dancing leaves on singing limbs,
the forest moved
as crusted bark,
scraped clean,
finally dropped to earth


angera said...

"dancing leaves on singing limbs"
this is beautiful.

florin said...

imi place dar cred ca ai avut mult curaj

Evelyn said...

As breezed to the blogs looking for hope of inspiration here I find this divine pic and the inspiration began to write as follows.

Title/ Misplaced

Find me beautiful in the dark
for what is in your mind
can be pleasant in the shadows of our silhouette...

By our love I will remain silent and this perpetual silence will not offend this embrace your eyes will not be lied with a simple gesture of disgrace...

Fear not my crackle skin
nor the edges of my ridged body
for I was once the flower of youth
and now I am the remembrance of nobody

Find me not in your vase
nor in the garden of forgotten roses
a mere wrinkled apple, a grape turned to prune

Am I not the true rose you misplaced
Am I not the woman you once knew…
by Eve/ I write many poems of what I see more explicit if I can. thank you for the inspiration.

Maggie May said...

beautiful, image and poem.