On the Last Day of My Mother's Life

on the last day of my mother's life
she pulled me down near her mouth
and whispered I was a Goddess

on the last day of my mother's life
her friends sang songs to her and brought
flowers from their gardens
and vegetables even
so that somehow she might
eat and be healed

on the last day of my mother's life
when the tubes went dry
and the bills came in
and she knew that her home
and her garden would be owned forever by some bank
on that day, me a tiny goddess in the making,
wished my mother,  Goddess or not,  had health insurance

on the last day of my mother's life I chose not to be tiny
I chose to be Kali with the sharp knife

Composting and Cancer

Composting is important but it's not the answer to the mysteries of the the cosmos nor will it save your life if you've got cancer.

Take my mom. An old-time hippie, bead wearing, organic goddess of a Woman. She believed, and rightly so, that it should be a religion to eat organic foods provided by local farmers. She believed that following this spiritual path would make her years secure.

Then she got cancer. She had no health insurance. 

Cruel and stupid people might argue that somehow she brought it on herself, that she had some flaw in her cosmic awareness. Truth was that she did everything "right." And once she had cancer, she tried all the healthy cures. She still needed conventional treatment which was hard to get without insurance. She got some of it, but not all of it. She died. She might have lived with health insurance. Certainly with insurance she would have had yearly checkups and would have caught the cancer early.

Compost by all means. Worship the Earth. Drive a Prius. Ride your bike. Worship Kali. But saving the Earth is also saving ourselves. 

Please. Fight for Universal Health Care. Don't think you won't need it because you're young and happy.

He Said the Earth Tastes Sweet

He said the earth tastes sweet
I said I am sweet

He said the heart is cruel
I said I am heart

He said he could not live without the flesh
I said I am flesh

He said he must go and journey
I said count the steps

He said he would go by plane
I said count the planets

He said he would study math
I said count the stars

He said he would read a book
I said I am words

He said life's purpose is in counting
I said count and count again

He said we could meet for coffee
I said what time

He said he wasn't  sure
I said what happened to the counting?

He said maybe Friday
I said this year, next or next?

He said he wasn't sure
I said what happened to the counting?

He said his journey was a maze
I said make a start

He asked me would I miss him
I said not your flesh

Silently he measured ego 
He felt the measure but didn't know it

I thought what happened to the counting?

I remain the Great Null
Both spirit and flesh
I count the billions without counting

My Computer Can Never Be A Tree

My computer can never be a tree nor breathe magical air. Some say my computer will never decay in the soil as part of the Earth's natural rhythms. I suppose this depends upon how long one measures those rhythms, short measuring such a puny task for the soul. But I'm mindful of this tiny break on the skin of the Mother. And I wonder if the wound is real. I wonder if this machine's potency to reach across space to heal Her skin is greater than this tiny wound. I wonder if this wound is merely the cut of Kali's knife that ultimately brings the Earth a fine bounty.

Rare Earth Metal

This is a poem I found following links at the blog of Loveoranges.  The poet is Erin L. King. I have added this representation of the Goddess Kali above which I found here.

Rare Earth Metal by Erin L. King

I am
rare earth metal.

I temper —
last forever and ever
with internal constancy,
and when I am in air,
blue night air,
I burn.

I am loose
and wild
with the momentum of the things
I hold inside.
I am dangerous —
a threat to myself and others.

Tonight there will be nothing
in which to put my passion —
but to run
run and run and run into this night
fall to the lawn
press my face to cool grass
smell the must of earth,
the only crucible
vast enough for yearning

What Happened to Elizabeth Edwards?

We don't hear anything about Elizabeth Edwards these days. Doesn't it seem odd that a woman, once so prominent in the news and fighting for her life, would disappear? But she hasn't. The news is just not covering her. She continues her courageous fight for health care. Click on the links below to follow her latest efforts.
Elizabeth Edwards is continuing to fight for health care reform.

Minoan Bee Goddess

This Minonan Bee Goddess is one of the most beautiful images from
Old Europe. Here the form of the Goddess is stylized yet honey runs
down her body.

Mayan Calendar and Sacred Circles

The Mayan Calendar shows that the Maya understood that time is circular. The idea that time is circular and revolves like the sky comes from the most ancient belief in the Goddess of the World. She was seen as the Moon and like the moon formed a sacred circle around the earth.

Working For The Mother

Technology hasn't been kind to Mother Earth. Everywhere around us She is in pain. Can we stop the war against Her? Can we stop the war against our own bodies and our health? I don't know. Some nights it seems so hopeless to me. All I can do is look up through tall trees at the stars. But I believe that we must wage our own war of peace against all that threatens us and our ancient home. The internet is one technology that offers more boon to all humans than the power it consumes to do it.