He Said the Earth Tastes Sweet

He said the earth tastes sweet
I said I am sweet

He said the heart is cruel
I said I am heart

He said he could not live without the flesh
I said I am flesh

He said he must go and journey
I said count the steps

He said he would go by plane
I said count the planets

He said he would study math
I said count the stars

He said he would read a book
I said I am words

He said life's purpose is in counting
I said count and count again

He said we could meet for coffee
I said what time

He said he wasn't  sure
I said what happened to the counting?

He said maybe Friday
I said this year, next or next?

He said he wasn't sure
I said what happened to the counting?

He said his journey was a maze
I said make a start

He asked me would I miss him
I said not your flesh

Silently he measured ego 
He felt the measure but didn't know it

I thought what happened to the counting?

I remain the Great Null
Both spirit and flesh
I count the billions without counting


Ausearth said...

I kike this poem, its relates to an experiance of a couple of days ogo, Is it yours, can I have use of it.

Kali Star said...

You may use it in any way that you like. It is nothing more than energy in the world.