Composting and Cancer

Composting is important but it's not the answer to the mysteries of the the cosmos nor will it save your life if you've got cancer.

Take my mom. An old-time hippie, bead wearing, organic goddess of a Woman. She believed, and rightly so, that it should be a religion to eat organic foods provided by local farmers. She believed that following this spiritual path would make her years secure.

Then she got cancer. She had no health insurance. 

Cruel and stupid people might argue that somehow she brought it on herself, that she had some flaw in her cosmic awareness. Truth was that she did everything "right." And once she had cancer, she tried all the healthy cures. She still needed conventional treatment which was hard to get without insurance. She got some of it, but not all of it. She died. She might have lived with health insurance. Certainly with insurance she would have had yearly checkups and would have caught the cancer early.

Compost by all means. Worship the Earth. Drive a Prius. Ride your bike. Worship Kali. But saving the Earth is also saving ourselves. 

Please. Fight for Universal Health Care. Don't think you won't need it because you're young and happy.


Peaceable said...

Thank you and amen. It's cruel that there are so many who can't get what they need from our government or our country. It's also a bit confusing to see people saying that universal healthcare will cost us all too much.

Yet how much more are we spending--both monetarily and spiritually--when people get sicker because they can't go for regular checkups? How much more when babies die and sometimes their mothers with them because people cannot afford prenatal care and don't know how to apply for the aid most states provide for them--if they jump through enough hoops?

So many things could be cured on a karmic scale just by realizing that health care is about taking care of the whole, which takes care of each of us.

Kali Star said...

Yes ! You are saying exactly what I am trying to get to on this blog. This balance between the body and the earth and our existence and responsibilities as spiritual beings - the balance between rest and action, the balance among the parts of ourselves we have labeled personal and global. That is a reason I was attracted to your blog. Because you deal with this frustration.

Thank you very much for your comment.