Goddess and Snakes

wet tomb singing
live tree snaking

arch of archetypes
pillar of dreams
the vaulted domes of god

sing me now sing
bring me now bring
the killing kyrie

bring what was brought
which was caught which was caught:
the hunter's kill now
eat we eat we eat we

tangled sycamore 
scrub stone river stone
mouth so hidden so hidden so hidden

sleep soft slime awake:

now run with ofeo
who (agnus dei) 
is ever you snaking
ever you ever you

agnus dei the snake slips away
returns to the mystery
of your grand kyrie

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Anonymous said...

I read your blog at TPM-Cafe... yikes, you did get attacked for your opinion. I didn't want to jump in, but essentially I think you are correct. I haven't blogged there in a very long time, because it becomes so personal, so vitriolic, man.. anyway, I understand exactly where you are coming from, the vitriol chased me away long ago. But your site here, quite beautiful.