MIchelle Obama. How About Inviting Elizabeth Edwards to the White House.

All kinds of silly things get on the news. Firemen rescue a dog from an ice pond. This celebrity or that celebrity is pregnant ,or is breaking up a three-month marriage. Some off-balanced woman creates a paparazzi frenzy by having six babies. Entertainment Tonight and CNN run a shows about how many diapers they will need a day.

Where is Elizabeth Edwards in all this? A woman fighting for her life and her family. A woman still trying to bring us health care. She has become a non-person. Why? Because her husband cheated on her. You know that's it. Wounded and kicked and then the curb because of it. A healthy Hillary Clinton became a saint when her husband shamed her. But a seriously ill Elizabeth Edwards became a non-person. How does this make you feel? What does this say about how women are treated in this country. The husband cheats. Must have been her fault. She's sick. Maybe that's her fault too. Just pile on.

Her memoir called Resilience will be published in May. She wrote a piece in Newsweek in July about Tony Snow's death. That's all the news we get on Elizabeth Edwards. Not enough by a long shot.

Americans can't seem to find their own souls and hearts without seeing it on television. I'm ashamed in all this. We should all be. What does this poor women have to do to get respect. You know the answer. And then all the writers and pundits and politicians will get weepy.

Michelle Obama. Show the nation now that we care. Give Elizabeth a call. Invite her to the White House. Sure, she'll get on Oprah. But your call, on behalf of a nation, will take away our shame. Teach the children, Michelle.


Richard said...

Very good suggestion. EE needs to be invited to help sell the President's healthcare reform program. Michelle, are you listening?

Kali Star said...

Yes, Richard. Why can't these people just care a bit more when it counts?