Uninsured Should Camp in Front of Congress

They are going home for August.

The uninsured should be camping in front of Congress as they leave. Build a tent city of the sick and those who have lost insurance. People with stories of how they couldn't afford tests that would have given them a chance to survive a serious illness.

Dare the police tear down that camp. Make the Republicans deal with Americans of all situations. Let all these cowards stand up or sit down. Put bodies, faces, and souls on the line. Bring the children.

What are we waiting for? The internet has distracted us from the real moves that would accomplish the goal. Part of the reason is that sick people don't fight back. Who can blame them? But someone needs to organize this. Now. As the congress with their golden insurance plans head out. Dare these bastards to not vote for a decent plan that works immediately. Dare them. Dare yourself to do more than blogging.

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