My Friends Were Right -Nothing Short of System Collapse Will Bring Change

They all said it was silly to "work with the system." They all said that nothing will change till the power structure really falls down. They said things won't get better if the system stays on. The earth would die just like people around it are dying. Taking a look at this joke of a health care reform I realize that they were right.

They said that only a collapse of the system will bring change for the good. The system is starting to collapse. Let it come down.
The real enemies are the liberals in the power structure. Bring it down. Blow it down. Write it down. Throw mud at its arrogance.


Air Cleaner said...

you have a good point, even it is end of the world, even lot of calamities had experience, the culture, the attitude still live in every mans life.

Problem Is said...

I just came over here from your TPM post "Buyers Remorse." I agree with some of your content here more than your rather polite, diplomatic TPM post.

This is a cool page. I like your style and outlook.