He Forgot The Dirt

I heard you speak today. Yes that was me in the back. How nice to hear of your great trip to museums and castles. You got to speak French. Oh, how impressive ! You talked about paintings. Oh, my ! You talked about the smart people you met who spoke so finely. Oh, my, my, my ! One thing I didn't hear you talk about was the earth. You went all that way and didn't reach down and take some soil in your hands. Once you were a warrior. Now you are a slave. Gee. I wish I could say that in French. Oh my, oh my, oh my !


Anonymous said...

Ouch !

Jock said...


I really like your writing ! I'm also grateful that I've learned to post comments on the internet, first at your blog, and when your health insurance posts led me to TPM, at that site which is sometimes stimulating. Now I can support your health issues there as I did the other day. You may notice that I'm not enthralled with religion. As a history buff and in my personal life, I've seen religion as oppressive and destructive in many ways. But your commitment to the land and health is so admirable ! Jock

Kali Star said...

You have a kind heart and strong beliefs. I think of you as a friend !

Anonymous said...

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